Washington: Not So Secret Lover

Washington is beautiful, duh. A little bit of desert, a few peaks splitting down middle, farmland to the east and a coastline to the west. Rivers cut through the landscape carving valleys and dissolving mountains. Dense forests freckle Washington's geography like a red headed step child. It's easy to fall madly in love with this … Continue reading Washington: Not So Secret Lover


Stop Putting Bags On Peaks

Is there a store that supplies enormous bags? I am referring to bags so large that one could throw around a peak of a summit, perhaps synch it tightly and then attempt to pull it back to their vehicle at the base of the trailhead. There might also be some sort of pulley system that … Continue reading Stop Putting Bags On Peaks

Broken Bones and Champagne

  Broken bones, apparently they happen. For the last eleven years, Alex and I have been upping the ante on our outdoor excursions. More miles, more gear, more pitches, steeper ascents, just more. This is a reasonable progression as skills improve, gear closet expands and route navigation sharpens. That's the hope anyways. Each trip is … Continue reading Broken Bones and Champagne

A Letter to My Four Year Old

Dear Cas, As I write this, your clammy body lies next to me in bed. Yes, you're four and half and you're still taking up an entire half of a king sized bed. One part me thinks you'll never leave and I'll forever have a set of sharp toenails scratching my stomach in the middle … Continue reading A Letter to My Four Year Old

Sweaty Adults and Miles of Skittles

Standing in the dusty parking lot, waiting for Alex to attach a few straggler items to the outside of his pack, I had a stern talking to myself. "Jenna, while the hope is Cas will hike the entire way in, you need to surrender to the fact that at one mile in, you'll be gaining … Continue reading Sweaty Adults and Miles of Skittles