Don’t Climb In A Puma Jumpsuit

Eleven years ago I met Alex. He had just moved from San Jose to Washington, hoping for a change of scenery. Inside his suitcases were broken flip flops and faded t-shirts, but he remembers the weight of the baggage to be a lot heavier. Both of us were working at a coffee shop that boasts … Continue reading Don’t Climb In A Puma Jumpsuit


Valuable Lessons Learned…Sort Of

Lists are dumb. Not really, but I sure don't make them. Alex insists grocery shopping can only be done with a list. If it's not on the list, he won't buy it. Lists are helpful, there's no denying their usefulness. Me, I prefer the freedom of no Lists; just my shopping basket and my salvatory … Continue reading Valuable Lessons Learned…Sort Of

Are You Wearing Shoulder Pads?

"I've never seen shoulders like yours on a female figure before," the old man said to me while shaking his head side to side. His body language leaned in as though he wanted to reach out and touch my shoulders but knew enough about acceptable social norms to stop himself. I had just been lowered … Continue reading Are You Wearing Shoulder Pads?

A Letter to My Four Year Old

Dear Cas, As I write this, your clammy body lies next to me in bed. Yes, you're four and half and you're still taking up an entire half of a king sized bed. One part me thinks you'll never leave and I'll forever have a set of sharp toenails scratching my stomach in the middle … Continue reading A Letter to My Four Year Old