Who the hell lives inside a converted school bus and doesn’t wear patch-work pants or socks with their Birkenstocks? We do! Jenna, Alex and Cas make up the family that chose to quit the status quo, buy a school bus and convert it to a full-time home. As family and friends questioned our sanity, we turned our ideas into reality. For better or for worse, the bus is ours and we will make a home of it.

Jenna, Alex and Cas may appear to be your typical Northwest action figure family, but look deeper and you’ll find exactly that. Jenna and Alex are avid adventure seekers. If it looks like a mountain and smells like a mountain, chances are they are planning ways to climb it or ski it. Twenty-two hours of a grueling approach only to be turned around two pitches from the summit? Yes, please! 7000 ft of elevation gain for thirty minutes of sweeping “S” turns in some deep power? You bet! When professional adventure kid Cas isn’t shredding the pow, you’ll find him practicing with his throwing knives or climbing mountains alongside mom and dad (what four year old doesn’t own a set of throwing knives?)

We believe wholeheartedly in finding the right balance between work and play. Work 30% / Play 70%. Jenna is a middle school social studies teacher and Alex is an automotive instructor at a community college. Learn more about them on their individual pages!

Who are we?

Meet Jenna

When Jenna isn’t expanding the minds of middle schoolers, you’ll find her doing pull-ups on door frames, play ground equipment and anything else with an edge. Growing up in Washington, Jenna has been immersed in the North Cascades her entire life and after 29 years, she has only begun to explore the wildness Washington has to offer.

As a child, Jenna was a total dweeb and not the cool dweeb that ends up making a bunch of money and wears hip vintage band shirts. Constantly uncomfortable in her own skin, she latched onto music and theater (like all true dweebs do). At one point, she had a pet box turtle named Scratchy. This was no ordinary turtle, in fact, Scratchy was anorexic. Later in her adulthood, Jenna would discover Scratchy was not actually struggling with an eating disorder, but was in fact simply freezing all the time due to a lack of proper heating lamps. Kid Jenna loved Scratchy and tried very hard to make a good life for him. She put hats on him and played him music on the recorder, but nothing made Scratchy happy. Nothing. Jenna was convinced Scratchy was anorexic because he refused to eat. One day, after one whole week of no food consumption, Scratchy crawled into a pile of jumbled wires behind the T.V. (it was warm back there!). Jenna rushed over to bring Scratchy a plate of fruit and she left it there for him to eat. Minutes later, Jenna noticed Scratchy slowly opening his mouth to embrace the bits of banana. Her excitement overwhelmed her and she screamed with joy. Immediately Scratchy retreated into his shell and the food remained untouched. Weeks later, Jenna’s father told her Scratchy was released into the wild where he’d be with family and friends to frolic and feast. Shortly after her father’s announcement and Scratchy’s release, Jenna noticed a turtle shell in the garbage outside. She thought how crazy is that!?

Jenna would go on to study at The Evergreen State College and earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Community Planning and Development. She became a highly successful career woman and occupied a corner office in the tallest building in the city. She then opened a turtle rehabilitation center for turtles with eating disorders and saved over one million turtles from withering away. Not really.

Jenna did end up in a cubicle for a moment on the second floor of a city hall building. She did not open a turtle rehab center. After three years in a cubicle, Jenna decided to pursue an entirely different career; teaching. Her love for political science and geography compelled her to share her passion for learning with the people who have a real shot at changing the world; middle schoolers!

Jenna met Alex ten years ago and they have been blissfully married for five or six. Together they made a person named Cas. Parenting is an amazing combination of 50% really fucking hard and 50% stupidly awesome. You’ll hear all about Jenna and Alex’s parenting tactics as sort through this website.

Have a question for Jenna? She’s still a dweeb, but now, she’ll threaten to arm wrestle you if you giver her the stink eye. Send Jenna a comment or question!

Meet Alex

Alex grew up in two places; the good ol’ U.S. of A and Germany. His parents split when he was six months old so Alex had the opportunity to spend his summers in Germany and the school year with his mom in the states. At seven years old, Alex’s mom put him on a plane by himself to meet his father in Germany or the first time. Ever since, Alex travels to Germany to be with family once a year. Now a day’s, he brings his wife and son (part of Jenna’s marriage stipulations).

In his youth, Alex was a bonafide hooligan through and through. One could attribute his rambunctiousness to a variety of factors and it wasn’t until Alex reached his late twenties till he figured out how to calm the beasts.

A highly skillful and methodical climber, Alex excelled in his outdoor adventures, climbing mountains and picking up skiing with no time at all. His love for the mountains grew profoundly as did his love for his wife. Together they explored all that Washington’s peaks could throw at them and continue to pursue their love for wild country.

Alex was never a big fan of school and as a result, he didn’t spend much time there. The universe had bigger plans for him and he landed himself a career right back at school as an automotive instructor. The irony is painfully sharp and cuts through him like one of those cool switch blades the Fonze had (or was that just a comb?).

Want to know more about Alex? Send him comments or questions! He won’t answer them, but his wife will!

Meet Cas

At 38 weeks old (still inside mama), Cas scaled a five hundred foot multi-pitch rock climbing route in Leavenworth. At six months old (outside of mama), Cas skied on his dad’s back down the slopes. At four years old, Cas hiked (on his own two feet) five and a half miles up to alpine lake, passing multiple parties struggling up the steep terrain. When Cas isn’t being a badass mountain climber, he enjoys reading books about monster trucks, eating burritos and throwing knives.

Have a question for Cas? He might not answer, but his mom will respond to you!